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The Good News Church Is Born


Born out of the flow of Charismatic Renewal and love to obey and follow our Lord Jesus; The Good News Church began in 1982. The Church started to meet in the Senior Citizens Hall (Now known as the Macclesfield Community Centre).

We Move To The Heritage Centre

ca. 1985 to 1987

We have valued meeting at the Heritage Centre. This building has a connection with the spiritual history of Macclesfield. A Sunday school and a church met here up to the 1960's and early 1970's respectively. And of course, the building was dedicated as Sunday School for children in Macclesfield around 1814.

Outpouring Of The Holy Spirit


The church has a strong missions foundation and coupled with this a high value placed on the flow of the river of the Holy Spirit. In March 1994 there was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that brought great joy and freedom in God for us. We thank God for this and the we still enjoy the outworking of this today. 

We Move To The Macclesfield Community Centre


We have had a wonderful welcome at the Hall. We value the large capacity of the meeting hall and general accessibility and parking. Parking is free on a Sunday (correct as at January 2020).

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