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Statement of faith

  1. Each person of the Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit being co-equal, co-eternal and in perfect unity in the one Godhead and that there is no other true or living God

  2. The sovereignty of God in creation, providence, redemption; and His righteousness in final judgement

  3. The divine inspiration and entire infallibility of the Bible (both Old and New Testaments) as originally given and its supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct

  4. The universal sinfulness and guilt of human nature since the fall, rendering man subject to God’s righteous anger and judgement

  5. The forgiveness of sins and freedom from guilt, penalty and power of sin solely through the sacrificial death of our Lord Jesus Christ in our place, and the gift of eternal life to all who believe in Him

  6. The incarnation and the virgin birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  His sinless life, His resurrection from the dead, His ascension to heaven to be our mediator, and the certainty of His visible and personal return with great glory

  7. The necessity of the work of the Holy Spirit to make the death of our Lord Jesus Christ effective to the individual sinner, giving new spiritual birth without which no-one can enter the Kingdom of God

  8. The Holy Spirit lives within believers, to make them holy and more like our Lord Jesus Christ and to enable them to act and live as true children of God

  9. The one Universal Church, which is the Body of Christ and to which all true believers belong

  10. Baptism for believers is the only baptism commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ practiced by the apostles and taught in the New Testament

  11. Each local church is a part of the Body of Christ.  It is a group of believers who have a personal faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and who have gathered together in fellowship for worship and service.  Each local church is free under the guidance and control of the Holy Spirit to interpret and to act on the Bible’s teaching, which is sufficient to order its life and for it to obey our Lord Jesus Christ

  12. Our risen Lord Jesus Christ has poured out the Holy Spirit as He promised, and that this baptism in the Spirit is available to all believers giving them the power to be witnesses and equipping them with spiritual gifts for service

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